Creating Value with values.

Our clients choose us, because we understand their brands, their relationship with their customers and what the value is in our services. We partner together to create video and experiences that bring value to their audiences, while working and collaborating through our five core-values. 

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Here's what best-in-class video content means to us. Check out some of our featured projects:

Media Production — Reinvented.

What sets 730 Eddy apart? Lots of stuff (according to us), but we think you'll appreciate our unique approach to media production the most. Our trademark process and best-in-class service deliver a seamless, straightforward media production experience we know you'll love.



Every great project starts with a development process. We do the hard work up-front, so production and editing are fun.



With planning in place, shooting is seamless and professional, helping you maximize your time and budget.



Our professional team of editors get to work, delivering the exceptional quality video content you were looking for.



Our trademark service means we're constantly innovating to find ways to amplify your brand with exceptional content.

Video Solutions by Product

730 Eddy is an experienced, agile team of video production professionals. Whether you're looking for traditional training videos or cutting edge coverage of virtual events, we have the experience and the staff to deliver.

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Video Solutions by Industry

730 Eddy delivers best-in-class video content for clients in a range of corporate applications. We regularly work with product-based companies, corporate marketing teams, high-tech manufacturing companies, and many more, delivering the creative, professional video content to amplify their brand.

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"We’ve also seen a significant increase in our YouTube subscriptions. This is due to hits we've received on those videos done by 730 Eddy. We’ve seen increased engagement with our website, our social network, and our internal communications. With their help, we've been able to educate, inform, and entertain our audiences."
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"They do all of our visual storytelling."
Accounting Firm
Associate Director

Tell your story through video

Your company was built on the stories of the people who created it, refined it, and made it what it is today. We can help you bring those stories to life.